Self Super Insurance

1300 919 342

1300 919 342

Making a Claim

Whenever you have a claim, it can be a stressful time.  However, call us, because we are here to help you through the process – that’s our job.

What you should do

  1. Immediately contact us on 1300 919 342 or John Kelly’s mobile 0411 043 067 (John is the MD of Self Super Insurance). We will assist you in notifying the Insurer and the ongoing management of the claim.
  2. Before calling us, gather some basic information together:
    1. Your details:
      • Policy Number. We will need to verify that you have an active and valid policy in place
      • Name, address and contact details (phone & email)
    2. Basic description of the event, including key dates i.e. when you first became aware of the matter; amount being claimed.
  3. At all times act as a prudent uninsured which means taking reasonable precautions to avoid further loss.  In plain English, this means asking yourself the question ‘if I had no insurance in place what would I do to stop things getting worse’.
  4. Keep us closely advised of all developments relating to the claim as and when they happen.


What you should not do

  1. Do not delay calling us.  It is imperative that you act promptly no matter what type of claim it is.  Failure to act promptly can jeopardise your entitlement to cover under the policy.
  2. Do not tell any claimant or potential claimant about the existence of or terms of any insurance policy.
  3. Do not admit liability, settle the claim or make any concessions of liability without the written consent of approval of the Insurer.