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The idea of a super fund is to take care of you financially when you stop work.  However, if you’ve suffered an illness or injury that has put you out of action either temporarily or permanently or worse still – premature death, then you need to ensure that you have a mechanism in place to provide financial security.

With a bit of planning, you can build some risk management into your super fund to make up for those times when you won’t be able to contribute.  We recommend that you seek professional advice in this regard, because poorly conceived insurance plans can have unintended and undesirable tax consequences.

The people we trust to refer our clients to are the team at Certainty Financial.  Certainty Financial was established in 1980, and is not tied to any insurance company – as such, once your needs are established, you will be directed to the most appropriate (for you) of the 15 or so Australian insurers who offer insurance for super plans.

They will help you identify your needs and then provide you with an outline of the types of cover (and their premiums) that you might consider, and if required, advise about the most appropriate course of action. You will then be in a position to make an informed judgment about the merits of including insured benefits in your super plan.

In the first instance, either call Marcus English or Graeme Parncutt on 03 9890 0222 for a no obligation discussion or submit your name and phone number below, and someone from Certainty will contact you.

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