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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost tax deductible?

Yes. All the policies we issue are in the name of the Self Managed Superannuation Fund, therefore the fund can claim the cost of the insurance as an expense.  We recommend that you check and verify this with your accountant.

How long do insurance policies run for?

The policy period is for 12 months from the date you first purchase it.  The 12 month anniversary date is referred to as the ‘expiry date’.  Prior to the policy expiry we will seek to renew the policy.

What happens when the policy expires in 12 months?

30 days before your policy is due to expire, we will send you an email reminding you it is due for renewal.  You have to go back through the proposal process to verify the information remains correct.

We will send you a further reminder the closer we get to the expiry date.  If your email address is not working for some reason and we receive a bounce back email, we will send out a reminder by mail.

One risk for you to be aware of is if our email goes into your junk email folder.  We won’t get a bounce back email, so we assume you have received it.  It is important that you make sure our email is not delivered to your junk folder.

Can we cancel?

Yes you can cancel at anytime subject to the specific terms & conditions of each policy.  You get a pro-rata return of your premium - possibly less an Insurer penalty.  Also, we will keep any income earned on the account and charge an administration fee to process the return premium of $50 plus GST.

How do we pay?

Payment can be via EFT, BPay or Cheque. 

Can we increase our sum insured half way through the year?

Yes you can.  Just call us to arrange the increase.  Under no circumstances can you purchase a product, or increase the limit, to cover a known problem.  So, if you want to increase your limit, you will be asked to sign a declaration that states you are not aware of an impending issue or problem.

Who actually pays our claims?

Your business will be bound with an Insurance company.  The Insurance company is responsible for paying your claim.

I have to make a claim.

Call us immediately on 1300 919 342.  Please see our page ‘Making a Claim’

What is a claim?

When your artwork or collectable is damaged (by fire, water, accidently) or stolen

What if I change my contact details?

Call us on 1300 919 342 and we’ll adjust your details on our files.

I think my payment went through but I’m not sure?

Call us on 1300 919 342 and we’ll check.  It may take us 24 hours to work it out, but the last thing we want to do is double charge you – it’s inconvenient for you and us.

How does the quote process work?

You fill in the application form and return it to us.  We obtain quotes, and send you a quote for your approval. We aim to quote with 48 hours.

Can I buy Art Insurance if I'm not a SMSF?

Yes, we can asisst all clients with their Art & Collectable Insurance needs, including private investors, galleries, art dealers etc.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 919 342 or email us at